Staying connected

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we returned from Poland, and at times it feels as though we were never there, which deeply saddens me.  Then other times we seem to have such grief it’s hard to move on with life here.  We go back and fourth as if on a see-saw and at times the frustration leaves us feeling stuck.  Then there arte moments, when we are with our church family, worshiping, praying, being in God’s word, that we are reminded of the meaning of this in-between season.

Soon we will be revamping our schedule to include Polish lessons, time for correspondance with our friends in Poland, and making learning and communicating a higher priority than it is at the moment.  We realize we need this so that we can allow God to move in our lives.

PS – At the moment we’re looking at our next trip being in late July!  We need at least 10 people to get the cheaper tickets 🙂  So if you are interested in coming, let us know, fundraising commences just after Christmas – and this time no complaints ( well, I’ll try).

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