August 13, 2008

Why partner with us?

We thank you for your generosity and willingness to partner with us financially!

We are grateful and thankful for your partnership, in prayer and financially. We believe in God’s blessing through the obedience of giving back the tithe, and giving of offerings above and beyond tithing, to your local place of worship before you give to us.

Why Poland? Learn more.
What’s our vision? Learn here.

Why your partnership matters…

  • This ministry is supported by long term monthly commitments of $50, $75, $100 or any other amount, even $15 a week ($2.15 a day!) to make new disciples, build leaders, and plant new churches – your sacrifice is worth the lives that will be changed.
  • Our residency permit requirements, and ability to stay in the field, depends on monthly support (in other words, we can not stay by other means), however one-time gifts are welcomed as well and can be made through the same options below.
  • For details on our monthly support needs visit our support budget details page.

When you partner with our team you…

  • Become part of the solution to the darkness so many face day to day.
  • Will receive regular updates on work in the field such as discipleship making, service events, personal stories (to encourage you and/or your congregations, churches, etc.).
  • Help develop indigenous/local/native leaders who are excited and trained to cultivate the Church in their own culture and beyond.
  • Invitations to the mission field to help build a relationship with the work you are supporting!

How to partner with us:

  • We’ve tried to make it easy for you to give. 100% of your gift goes directly to sending/supporting us in the field. All donations, regardless of method, are tax deductible. Read more about our sending agency and church below.

To begin giving monthly, quarterly, annually, or to give a one-time gift, click the button below!

FMI is our sending agency, the ones who have ultimate covering and responsibility for us in the field.
EHC Logo East Hill Church (our home Foursquare church in Gresham, OR) is our sending church, responsible for our spiritual, pastoral, and family care.

Serve the City – A separate but related project:

Additionally, we have a separate fund to support our outreach and ministry efforts through Serve the City Poland – which is a nonprofit foundation we use to provide services to nonprofits by connecting businesses to volunteer opportunities. This allows our Polish teammates to have a self-sustaining situation to work and minister, this fund helps kick this off while our business financial partnerships are created and brought to a sustainable level. If you would like to support this effort please click here and give to our FMI REACH Polska project fund.

One thought on “Why partner with us?”

  • Hey lovely people,

    I think that God is using this opportunity for you to build long-term relationships with supporters here in the USA. God is testing the commitment and faithfulness of people who are giving and praying for you. I think God will connect new people to you who otherwise may not have been involved with your mission.
    God will provide everything you need. (I know you know that already, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again.) Just do what you are called to do and trust God to take care of everything else.

    Your Friend Forever (how corny, but true!)


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