August 13, 2008

Why partner with us?

Many people ask; why do we serve an already Christian nation like Poland? While it is true Poland has a Catholic Christian heritage, the vast majority do not know Jesus personally, nor have an understanding of his grace, love, and transformation through total commitment to Him.

Depending on the source, there are roughly anywhere from 55,000 to 116,000 people in Poland who would consider themselves surrendered to, and proclaim, Jesus as Lord of their lives. For a population of nearly 40 million, this is an extremely small percentage of the population.

As of 2013, in the past decade, vast numbers of people have left the Catholic church in Poland, citing various reasons stemming from coverups of sexual abuse, corruption, and power control. At the same time, there are growing healthy Charismatic groups within the Catholic church that are trying to follow the teachings of Jesus. Many people in these groups end up leaving after their university years simply due to the fact there isn’t much after that age group for them in the Catholic church.

So because of these reasons, we see Poland as severely under reached and under discipled, the number of Jesus followers as a percentage of the population is less than many Middle Eastern nations, such as Saudi Arabia which has four times more followers of Jesus than Poland. Unfortunately, the latest data comes from 2004 and no other organization has taken the time to update the statistics, however from our observation it has not changed much, and the need for missionaries in Poland is still one of the highest in the world.


Our vision is to raise up Polish people of any background, to love God’s kingdom, who are equipped to build His kingdom in Poland and beyond.  We strive to grow passionate followers of Jesus who know they are RELEASED into a reproducing ministry and EQUIPPED to do the work of the Church.  Followers who are AFFECTING their communities by relationally CONNECTING through a full worship experience that loves and serves both God and people.  Followers who HONOR the Father, the Holy Spirit, the Son, and all others.

How your partnership makes an impact…

  • Your prayers open doors, break down bondage, and release truth, healing, and love. We need your prayers more than anything.
  • Helps develop indigenous/local/native leaders who are excited and trained to cultivate the Church in their own culture and beyond.
  • Makes it possible to expand our possibilities, create places for Gospel conversations, and more.
  • You become part of the team that develops new disciples, leaders, and churches throughout Poland!
  • Develops leaders, new disciples, and creates opportunities for the Gospel to be seen and heard.
  • Helps support Serve the City to be the hands and feet of Jesus, through service and fellowship.

There are three ways to partner with us…

  • Become part of our prayer team – you’ll receive regular news and insight into God’s kingdom, developing leaders, and how new disciples are being made in Poland.
  • Give monthly – financially support the work to raise up leaders, disciples, and the Church in Poland.
  • Give a one-time gift – contribute to our working emergency and reserve funds to help us weather changes, urgent needs, and more.

All gifts go directly to sending/supporting us in the field. All donations, regardless of method, are tax deductible. Read more about our sending agency – Foursquare Missions International.

Ready to partner and support? – Let us know!