A big year ahead…

This new year marks the beginning of a very important phase in our ministry.  Beginning this month we begin our long-term mission campaign!  Our church council and missions team have cleared the way to send us as long term missionaries to Kraków, Poland.  From this point forward we’ll be seeking at least 100 donors to donate $30.15 on a monthly basis from now until August 2010 – this will help put $61,155.00 into our reserve account for us to start out (includes funds for living, ministry, and travel). 

We’ll be getting the word out very soon to our current donor network.  We have a lot of logistics to get through and we’re feeling the stress, not in a bad way, but in a very “this is fo real” kind of way.  Please keep us in your prayers, consider being a monthly contributor, and each of us who personally know God are in the ministry as well, so we wish to hear from you, so we can pray and support what God is asking you to do and doing through you in your lives as well,

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