Paper-cuts are on their way

This past week has been a lot of prepping for paper-cuts.  Next week we will be printing and stuffing over a hundred envelopes full of the plans for our future.  This is a very important first step into our official fund-raising phase, getting the word out.  Our goal is to have at least 100 monthly donations of $30.  There is a lot out there “fighting” for people’s money, so we are spending a lot on presenting ourselves in a serious and professional way that communicates what God has put in our hearts for not just the “people” in Kraków, but our friends.

Keep us in our prayers, for the paper-cuts to be minimal, that printers print what we need w/o wasting envelopes (which we have had custom made), and that God leads us to send these “kits” to the right people.   We are also raising funds for our last short-term trip this coming July – which is a separate beast in and of itself, the team is looking to be a great and amazing team – which we are all very excited about – and that’s another prayer point as well.

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