The “sex appeal of missions”…

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Now I know that this post might come across as either bias or as complaining… so I’ll start off with this, every living soul deserves the opportunity to learn about salvation through Jesus. So no matter the place nor circumstance of people we the Church should be at least sending a mesage of equality when speaking about world missions and local outreach.

I bring this topic up because, in my observation, the Church tends to lean towards “heart” tugging programs and locations where it is obvious what kinds of physical needs can be met. The overwhelming majority of these missions organizations do incredible work and bring knowledge of Jesus in very tangible ways. I’m not against this at all… but I do have a question to ask…

How can we address the very real need for places like Europe to learn about Jesus? How do we raise awareness in the Church about this less appealing, less obvious, but still as disparate place? Not to mention the thousands of places like it around the world!

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