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i’ve been sick. it’s not fun but i like to snuggle with mommy and she likes it too. we sit on the couch and look at the fire and i slowly fall asleep on her shoulders. it’s peaceful. i didn’t have a fever, but i threw up a couple times and had bad diahreah for a while. but i’m all better now.

thanksgiving was fun. i met some new members of my daddy’s side of the family and they were nice. i guess they are my family too. hehe i ate so much before the big dinner that i wasn’t that hungry when they brought out the turnkey and all the sides. oh well, i had a couple bites. at least i ate.
we put up our christmas tree and i love it. i like to take the ornaments off and throw them so the cats run after the balls. it’s fun. have a good weekend. peace out.

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