This past week’s summary

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  • So far so good, still have escaped hearing "Christmas in the northwest" … 26 more days of avoidance. #
  • Oh so glad to be home! Even if it means cleaning up cat puke… #
  • Another week starts, nearly fell asleep on the bus, time for some kawa (coffee). #
  • Oh so tired, not really feeling in the mood to practice/study Polish but we will push on. #
  • Overcome w/ compassion, between the boyfriend desperate to talk to his upset girlfriend, and the guy next to me with a strong smell of MJ #
  • In a confusion of thoughts this morning. #
  • I think it's time to open day one of my advent calendar that our manager gave me and my co-worker… chocolate helps any day be better. #
  • Finally on my way home. Good things happening at work too! #
  • Who knew that a Savage Garden song could change the morning attitude?? #
  • Good morning world, you seem to have started earlier than I wanted. #
  • My left eye is twitching… stupid stress. #
  • oh, why do I subject myself to these strange sports which use balls. #
  • Um, 26 degrees, brrrr. Glad I've got a handy android phone with that tells me exactly when the bus is coming! No wait for me! #
  • The view from my desk at work – love it! #
  • RT @ledub13: smarsh in oregon business #
  • Yay tonight @trimet MAX operator announced the delay, gave reason, and was pleasant sounding. Thanks. #
  • Anyone else using latitude? I'm finding some actual good reasons besides just creepy "track my friends". #

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