This past week’s summary

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  • Desperate for someone to watch Emma tonight, 4:30 to 9:00… while we are at our Small Group Christmas Party #
  • The beginning another week, start it off well, fall to your knees and hear the angels sing. #
  • Sometimes, ok maybe far too often, I put too much pressure on my self. I'll try to stop now. #
  • Portlanders, it has officially hit 32 degrees, fun times eh? #
  • Wow, right now it is clear skies, sunny, beautiful here in PDX – except that it's 13 degrees (F), fun times! It might warm up to 32 (0 C). #
  • People who think they can get their way by force are simply mean, immature, and do not belong in society…. #
  • Ug last night's fishsticks are still swimming in my stomach :( #
  • Warp 5 – Engage. #
  • Out of warp, running on impulse…. #
  • Mmmm wings are better than fishsticks… for sure #
  • Looks dry outside to me. #
  • Well, it has happened, I'm listening to "christmas in the northwest" right now… oh the nostalgia. #

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