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  • Actually I'm wearing black underwear, thanks. #
  • 1 week until the surprise is in full swing! #
  • Oh, goodness, so tired I just tweeted what should have been a text message to my boss… lol #
  • This time next week… surprise will be in full swing! #
  • Final details for Surprise Winter Vacation finalized. except for the $$ part, but that's on its way :) #
  • Why does this bus trip in seem so long? #
  • Random thought: I really wish I didn't have to shave, it's annoying. #
  • another one bites the dust…. #
  • Finally resting for the first time in days. #
  • So looking to the surprise trip, much needed vacation! #
  • After a day like today, I'm VERY much looking forward to the surprise getaway, only 3 days away and we'll be comfortably on our way. #
  • Finally on my way out! #
  • Absolutely deserved after the past few days! #
  • Hey @trimet when will transit tracker work again for MAX? #
  • My Pandora station is playing the best 80's and 90's dance music right now, don't know why but it's just the right thing for this crazy day! #
  • It's as official as it gets! We have officially purchased our tickets to Poland for January! w00t! #
  • Had a fantastic time at the Smarsh company Christmas party! Fantastic! Thank you JESUS! #

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