This past week’s summary

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  • Bye bye Seattle! Finally on our way home! #
  • Just finished reading "a thousand splendid suns" – a must read! An amazingly moving story! Now what to read for next week's plane trip? #
  • I need a "make me feel energized, well rested, and cought up" shot, drink, pill, or something. #
  • RT @fox12oregon: Video from TriMet shows man fall off platform, lay on tracks under MAX train as it passes. #
  • Mmmm power out in our office building and 25 percent of downtown PDX not good! #
  • Still no power at 10th and stark, Pittock Building in blackness… @MayorSamAdams #PDX Update??? #
  • Wow, time flies when your forced to work in a strange environment, a different computer, and have generators blaring. #
  • Back to normal and with full power! #
  • Oh view how I missed you. #
  • Um, I missed the memo… what's with all these peeps posting the name of colors all over the social-sphere? #
  • Ok creepy older guy and hot shot young guy stop trying to hit on the girl who just told you she's in high school! And stop competing! #trime #
  • First the creeps on the bus, and now my oatmeal exploded in the microwave :( #
  • Working on the equivalent of our TPS report… At least it has a point! #
  • Okay dude who is shining powerful green laser light onto our neighbors across the way, not cool! #
  • It is done! Now we go! Teraz idziemy! #
  • This thing is freaking unbelievable! RT @spoon16: Airnergy WiFi power system gives RCA a reason to exist (video) #
  • Good night world! #
  • A little chill time, some planning, last minute emails, all we have to pack are the bathroom things, then in the morning we fly out! #
  • Ready to go! On the plane! #
  • On the trainat Chicago. #
  • Plane number 2 to Krakòw, one tired girl, one hot mamma ;) #
  • We are here! So far no WiFi, just my phone and a prepaid phone card that at least has some internet access, but not much. #
  • In Nowy Targ 2 hours south of Krakòw. #
  • Wow do you think he's cold!? #
  • Our friend Krzysziek and Narnia (well sorta), near Nowy Targ. #

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