krakow in poland

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i am so sorry for not writing sooner. my mom is very busy. here are some pictures of what i’m doing here in krakow, poland. i’ll be here until early thursday. then we’re going home. i miss my chloe and janek.

me and ester in bed right before we go to sleep

having breakfast at our own special table

my mommy bought these cool glow sticks, but i really liked the cookies just as much

ester and me reading

playing with the sticks

I LOVE FOUNTAINS! isn’t it cool?!

yummy treats oma gave me for my trip

this is after my mommy put lip gloss on my lips. don’t i look pretty?!
i am also having fun learning polish. everyone here is really encouraging and i think i understand it better than mommy does! hehe
papa everyone! (bye bye everyone!)

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