This past week’s summary

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  • Relaxing today… and Emma is such a good little girl :) #
  • How am I always on a MAX behind a train with "mechanical" problems, never mine. Sure seems to be happening more often. But I save $$, so :) #
  • On my way to pick Emma up, how shall we spend the evening? Hmmm #
  • Tonight consisted of watching Sleeping Beauty (this is the 2nd time this week now) w/ Emma, followed by snuggling b/c her tooth hurt :) #
  • Beautiful day in Portland! The Northwest is incredible! and #
  • CAN'T WAIT FOR LOST TONIGHT! Am I really that excited??? YES #
  • Peeps in Time Zones east of Pacific, please no LOST spoilers! Can the Internet be quiet? #
  • I blame LOST on my late running morning. And the theory of the domino effect. #
  • Sweet onion teriyaki, random drink, coffee, I think I can complete the day on time and pick up Emma in time too! #
  • Don't let rushing get ya down! #
  • Problem! Need someone(s) to watch Emma tomorrow and Friday! #
  • THANK you Jesus for the @easthillfamily coming through! Emma problem resolved by 3 awesome peeps! #
  • Man, I have sympathy for single parents, always have, but now I have much more! #
  • I hate when good gifts get broken or lost. :( JawBone headset, missing. Amazon Kindle broken. At least the Kindle is under warranty! #
  • Can't believe we've been back for a week now! So much to do!! And so much to share! #
  • Really missing Alexis right now. #

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