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Tomorrow, March 3rd, is Travis’ birthday. Sometimes he can remember how old he is, and sometimes not. :) I like to joke with him and make him roll his eyes. It’s a game I play. Anyways, I want to tell all of you out there that he’s a wonderful person who deserves a big bash. Unfortunately, things have been crazy busy here and I haven’t been able to plan my usual big parties for him. And babe, I’m sorry. I’m sure you would have liked everyone to focus the entire time on you and make you feel uncomfortable loved.

I am making him his favorite cake tomorrow and you can count on me taking pictures of it. (big and beautiful it will be, oh yeah!)


I love you more each day because I get to see the myriad of different aspects of your character, love and trust. You amaze me with your walk with God and I am so happy that we are together. Happy Birthday babe! :)


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