Polish Preschool hunting

It’s that time of year again….preschool hunting. I know you, like us, look for the best schools for your children. Their education is very important. So as we look between different local schools we are anxiously looking at the Polish school we talked about Emma attending last year. We were not able to sign her[…]

Chris and Travis

We were able to take some pictures of each other while at our last visit. I think you can totally see the friendship the two of them have with each other. It’s awesome. It helps also, that I was behind the camera saying ridiculous things to make them laugh. There is nothing more¬†beautiful¬†than a natural[…]


We’ve been ‘home’ for about 2 weeks and when friends have asked us how our trip was, we’re finding it hard to explain. Yes, we were able to express about our time with our friends but it seems less and less like a foreign place where we need to process what we’ve seen/experienced/done. It seems[…]


Alexis wrote an update on how our first couple days have been with our Polish friends in town. Go HERE to read and see a couple pictures. Over all we love them. Tons. Our heart is SO for them and what God is calling them to be. And we are excited to strengthen that bond[…]

Our friends

Food bought: check Find a car that fits all of us: check get all the extra sheets/pillows: check Arrange meetings/plans/coffee chats: check Emma ¬†excited about them coming: check Get surprise present ready: check   CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO GET HERE!!!!! ūüôā (* and I’m praying for an amazingly smooth transition for the huge[…]