Keep your Facebook updates from 2010 forever in a printed diary

Keep your Facebook updates from 2010 forever in a printed diary

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Not Poland or Missions related – but something that’s pretty cool!

PRESS RELEASE January 1, 2011

Ever wished you could keep all your Facebook status updates as a real diary? Now you can. Launched on January 1, 2011, Like This Book is a real book version of your Facebook wall.

Founder Rachel Cunliffe came up with the idea after the birth of her first child two years ago.

“I used to keep a diary but now I write a status update.

“Even if I have fool-proof back-ups of my status updates on my computer or online, that doesn’t leave me a user-friendly way to reminisce over my life or leave something for my kids to flip through one day. Life on the internet is geared for right now and often not for the distant future.”

Rachel knew she wasn’t the only person feeling this way and started working on a semi-automated service which creates a physical diary rich with photos, comments and memories.

And that service is quick and easy to use. All you need to do is use Facebook’s download button, securely send your files and then preview and purchase your book.

Like This Book launched January 1, 2011 at and

Books are priced from $14.95US, tax and shipping additional.

Rachel Cunliffe is a blog and community site designer at

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