July 14, 2008

About Alexis

Blog: Perspectives of a child

seattle pay it forward 034Random information:

I prefer water without any ice.
I love cats but am allergic to them.
I love anything creative.
I love tattoos.
I don’t believe enough people think for themselves.
Family is very important to me.
I love shopping the day after Thanksgiving for the free gifts.
I love people with funky colored hair.
I talk back to radios when DJ’s ask stupid questions.
I am a firm Christian.
I love history.
I love vanilla cones from McDonald’s.
I love showing others I care for them.
I love any deal I can get- feels like I cheat ‘the system’.
I love to write.
I am a happily married mommy!
I love scarves.
I love Paris, France.
Hiking are for people who like dirt- I like coffee shops.

Today: I am currently living my dream, married to a wonderful man of God, and mommy to a beautiful daughter-Emma. I am also going to be living oversees in Poland and I can’t wait! Traveling has always been apart of my life (10 elementary schools) and I’m looking forward to starting a life in Krakow with the friends we already have there! I am a bit jealous that Emma will easily be bilingual, while I’ll work my tush off  just to be barely understood. 😉

Past Info:I was born in Ohio and moved after 6 months. I have moved many times to many different cities and states. I count it a privilege to have seen so much of America. I am the oldest of 3. Eric, 25 yrs old and Jamie 17 yrs old. I graduated from high school in Mukilteo, Wa in 2000. Went to one university and 2 colleges. I love school! – I know Travis thinks I’m sick too for liking school so much. 🙂 After meeting Travis at church he went to Poland while I taught pre-school. After returning after a year, we moved to Gresham, OR to join the intern program. 2 years later we were married in a beautiful rooftop garden. (Edmonds, WA) The site I had always dreamt of getting married. We could smell the salty air, hear sea gulls, see the snow peaked mountains all around and we had our friends and family there to celebrate it with us. Oh and coconut cake- Yum! It was perfect. And to spoil me even more, God chose to give me Emma Eileen on April 9th, 2008. I love watching as she grows into her independent personality. We also have 2 cats, Chloe and Janek.  Both very spoiled but they pay for it by snuggling all the time and being crazy patient with Emma.