Almost ready for takeoff.

Tomorrow night we will receive prayer from our church as they send us off to Kraków.  We are $658 short of buying our last two tickets, and tomorrow night we make the decision as to how we navigate this, as I see it we have the following options.

  1. Pay for the tickets, covering the shortage on our own – leaving us w/o spending money, but with our dear friends.
  2. Buy one ticket – and whatever is left over will be for spending expenses (not much though).
  3. Make the decision for Corey and Jenise to stay behind, leaving us money for trip expenses.
  4. Wait for full provision of the last two tickets and money for spending, as they have about 6 extra days (they will join us on the 10th if all goes well).

Be praying, we’ll see what God has in store!

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