411 more donations needed

This is a very rough count, I haven’t added up all the eggs yet.  But we’re around the 56 donors mark.  We’re gunna need to ramp this up folks!  That’s it, just a quick update, more official news coming soon!

$15 makes a difference.

Hey Friends!   Well the first (partial) week of our $15 challenge brought in 20 donors!  How many more this week?   We just need 447 more donors (of just $15, or more), pass this along to your missions friends, family, churches.  We have $6,455 more to raise/contribute.  Remember this is for the team, not[…]

457 $15 donations to go!

We’ve had 6 nope 10 people donate or pledge so far and it’s been basically just a day since we started this campaign.  Thanks!  The amazing (strange) thing is that for the most part some of our largest, and most responsive donations have come from people we don’t have much contact with… now that could be taken as,[…]

Fundraiser dinner canceled

Hi Everyone,   Due to the small number of people able to attend our fund raiser this Friday, we have decided to refocus our resources into (hopefully) a more productive campaign.  The event we had planned for this Friday is canceled.  Stay tuned for the next couple of days while we re-work a new fund[…]

We’re leaving on a jet plane…almost

Well we have made the deposit on our airfare, we need $4,755 more and we’ll have it all paid off!  That’s better than the $8,125 we needed just two weeks ago!  We are so thankful to God.  We need the remaining balance by September 15th… so we are praying, and seeking God’s will, on finding the rest.  If we[…]