This week’s thoughts.

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  • Redesigned our REACH Polska site- take a look at – nothing too fancy, just "fresh" I 'spose. #
  • Crazy day, it is, it is. #
  • I really hate running late – but I liked the extra sleep! #
  • seriously the summer can't end… rain, rain, go away. #
  • is happy the Twitter God listened to me and made the rain go away today. ;) #
  • internet offline at work :( #
  • is happy that God is apparently on Twitter too! He read my morning plea for the rain to go away and the sun has returned to Portland!! #
  • Pondering Expectations #
  • Ready for The Forge tonight! #
  • Come visit us tonight at The Forge – East Hill's college and you adults group – 7pm (ok 2 b late) Youth Center! #
  • Totally just witnessed a drug deal go down… #
  • So glad to be home, and yet so tired so I'm not enjoying much, but glad nonetheless. #
  • A full weekend of prep stuff. #

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