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I am not a meat person. Like most females, I could eat veggie for a long time before eating a chunk of steak or something. Nor do I crave chicken or fish. However, since I married a man who thinks ‘if you don’t have meat it’s not a meal’, I had to incorporate meat into my meal plans. *sigh  But it’ so slimy and sometimes bloody. Not something I look forward to preparing. However, it has been a challenge how to cook meat into meals and not have them all tasting the same too. Do you have that problem? Does chicken taste the same no matter how you cook it? No? Oh, I guess it’s just me then.

Well yesterday I made an EASY chili that literally take like no time to make. I added corn and celery to get more veggies into the meal. It’s not the typical chili I make but it’s tasty and different from the norm in our house. Plus, with all this cold weather we’ve been having, it’s perfect on a chili night…hehe get it? chilly? hehe ANYWAYS… here is the recipe. Basically just dump whatever you want in the pot and cook. Chili isn’t chili without sour cream and cheese, cheese and more cheese! I also made cornbread with it.

1 can corn

1 can red beans

1 can stewed tomatoes

1 can white beans

3 stalks of celery

4 cups chicken broth

1 lb ground meat (I usually use turkey meat)

sour cream and cheese to taste

Chili 101

I’ve made this with turkey chunks too- GREAT idea for any left over turkey meat from Thanksgiving. Or you could slide in some tofu- I’ve had it and it’s good. You can’t even tell the difference. Promise. Just sayin’.

Yes it is yummy

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