Pumpkin Bread

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I have had this recipe for forever and have successfully procrastinated this recipe for I think 4 months. It seemed every time I opened my pantry there the ingredients were staring back at me telling me how hard it will be to make. Well, I finally did it! And no, or course the recipe wasn’t as hard as I was making it out to be. I think it took about…30 min to make and bake it. Easy shmeezy.

It feels like I accomplished some large obstacle and now have the power to take on bigger…HUGER feet’s like cleaning the bathrooms and taking out the garbage ON THE SAME DAY. Holy cow, stop the presses- yes I’m thinking about doing a lot today. hehe I love exaggerating. I think I would die if I didn’t do it.(hehe get it?) I always exaggerate and that is what makes me me. OK, so back to the recipe. You can go here to get it. I’m too lazy to write it all down here, plus you can convert it to the metric system and make it in Europe or wherever! It’s SO good on a fall day and I think next time I’m adding raisins- oohhh or even better rum soaked raisins.That would make for an unbelievable taste. Pumpkins and raisins just seem to be good friends. Total, it makes 3 loaves. I am freezing 2 and having one to have with tea. Enjoy and happy November- I hope your heat is on, you are drinking tea and all snuggled in a blanket. :)


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