What will we do? How do we do it?

Both of those questions we hope to answer after this trip, over the years we have had many of our own ideas, previously worked with some, and visited others to learn, and will soon see more and return to old friends.  We wonder how feeding the poor might look?  We wonder what kinds of social justice ideas will bring God’s glory to the Polish people.  We hope to see people come alive to serve God and his people.  So in just a few short days we hope to engage into conversations to give us insight and wisdom into the Polish people.

We know that all of this is possible, it will take time, and risks, awfully large risks which will, at times, lead to frustration.  In the end though, the heart of God is for his Church to expand.  This isn’t the religion, it isn’t the buildings, it’s the heart of the living God living in people, giving them hope, freedom, and unconditional love.  Much observation, prayer, learning, making mistakes, will be needed – yet this is exciting, because God has spoken many words of affirmation into our lives, so we accept the mission.

Bring people to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, disciple them into strong characters, free them from the binds of this life, all with love, grace, and mercy.  All resulting in Christians who are impassioned with the parting words of Christ – go and make disciples of all nations.  This is the goal, and we should never forget.

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