This past week’s summary

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  • On the train back to Krakòw, had a fantastic time in Wrocław! #
  • Well, it's currently -5 degrees F (-20 C), thankfully we are warm in our flat, earlier was another story (being outside, not recommended) :) #
  • We're all packed up, taxi will be here at 5am, plane to Warsaw at 6, then layover, and at noon CET we fly back to Chicago, then PDX. #
  • At the Warsaw airport, hope we are not delayed! #
  • Plane delayed by an hour, hope we can still make our connection in Chicago! #
  • Yahoo! We're boarding! Might make the connection, it's tight though! #
  • Back in the USA, flight was late so we missed our connection, but United Airlines automatically confirmed us on the next flight, go #United! #
  • Next stop PDX. #
  • Feels like the Bahamas in Portland, 8 C/47 F, ride to work on MAX – normal. Laughed at the Old Town stop, Old City of Krakòw born circa 1200 #
  • Jet lag + 10.5 hours at work = cranky zombie #
  • I get all week with just Emma and I… looking forward to it, and keeping a good attitude! #
  • I'm worthless trying to make food on my own… at least I fed Emma! I have my lunch planned and dinner too! Yes I'm a big boy now! #

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