This past week’s summary

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  • Wish I had a camera with me, it is beautiful downtown Portland, the sun's angle this morning was perfect! #
  • I can see the light at the end,of the tunnel! #
  • Enemy-occupied territory that is what this world is. C.S. Lewis I'm learning more and more the full picture. #
  • Need coffe to counteract; don't eat fancy green olives before getting on a nearly hour long bus ride. #
  • No complaints. #
  • Feeling a Blog post bubbling in my mind. Just need some time to compose it. #
  • Oregon needs much more stable tax infrastructure. Three areas which should never be cut: education, public safety, public transit. #
  • Simply tired. #
  • I wish I could take a week to do all the little things, tasks, planning, and dreaming for the future. Yeah, that would be nice… #
  • I do not have a choice but to see people through the eyes of my God, who is love. Including those that make offensive/rude comments/acts. #
  • Oh how I love working late a on Friday… but I'm done now, 3 day weekend ahead! #
  • Taxes DONE – and we come out ahead for the first time in 5 years! Although barely, no thanks to Oregon income tax! #
  • At seaside, oh so happy #
  • Yes there is sun at the Oregon coast! #
  • #
  • Watchout for the sneaker waves! #

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