This past week’s summary

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  • Cannon Beach, who knew spontaneous trip to the coast would have sun! #
  • Sweet, eh? #
  • I really should just go to bed when I'm tired – otherwise the humanity gets really ugly (read: I'm just a grumpy jerk). #
  • Waking up in the middle of REM sleep not recommended for attempting to work. #
  • The day flew by, but is long from over. #
  • When working late at night from home, nothing should go wrong b/c it can turn the best nights into very bad ones :( #
  • Yeah.. stop now. Change course, go, stop, decisions, plans, and all the work that comes with any of it. Exciting and tiring. #
  • Please be praying for Alexis and I & how to deal with the hardest family issue ever. Our stress level is at max. Details can't be shared. #
  • We can be so focused on pinning blame on humanity, that we forget there is an enemy who destroys, and who steals forgiveness and victory. #
  • Though I and my family have been violated & used, we have chosen the life that grace filled forgiveness brings. Bitterness won't destroy us. #

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