Itching for what?

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It’s weird that since the new year, a ton of blogs I’m following are trying to keep up and post more frequent…when I’m doing the opposite. funny.

It’s another sunny day here but pretty chilly…we’ll by chilly I mean in the 40’s. Yeah, pretty nice. :) My mom left yesterday and I was struck with how I got used to her presence. I really miss her. And you too Jamie. ;) I am pretty much caught up with household things, and now just focusing on what is ‘normal’. Like our normal schedule. Emma’s normal nap time, we should make something fun with markers and coffee filters today. Yeah, and maybe I’ll give in and we could watch Snow White and eat some Cheeto’s – Emma’s all time favorite. She LOVES LOVES LOVES chips. *sigh just like her mommy.

I have tons of food in my cupboards and I am feeling itchy to make a meal schedule for the next 2-3 weeks. Is that sick that I’m itching to do that? Hmmm.  My mom took me to Safeway (which is CRAZY expensive if you don’t coupon) and she bought me things I NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER buy.  Curry Powder, Brie, really nice Olive Oil, V8 Splash for Emma and other things. Thank you mom for spoiling me! :)

Many cool new recipes to follow, and I promise that they’ll be easy to do too.

We also went…shoe shopping! Enjoy- I sure did. :)

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