Relationships… hardest part of life?


One of the key values of our mission to Poland is building meaningful relationships. Relationships built on God’s kingdom and values. The core to meaningful relationships is interdependency, the idea that we all need one another. Church should reflect a family system, the idea that we are there for each other in spite of circumstances.

However, this is all very ideal without some hardcore and usually humbling revelations about ourselves and our commitment to truly love people as God has called us to. God doesn’t call us to be perfect and “nice” to everyone, but he does call us to love through everything. Many times that means loving when our hearts are hurt, when our flesh is frustrated, or when our soul is deeply disturbed by the world around us.

Missions, and this thig we call Church/Christianity requires relationship, and so the question is… what does relationship look like in the Kingdom and am I there? The good news is that in the Kingdom grace and mercy abound, and if not from our fellow brothers and sisters, you can guarantee our Father will pour it out!

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