We left our heart in Krakow

There are days when it hits us harder than other days. Feelings of being disjointed and held back.  When the thing we want the most is to wake up to a morning in Krakow. See our friends there, go to language school, walk their streets and make a close relationship with their culture.

These heartfelt desires come and go in degree, but it’s always there. Even when we don’t say anything and we seem knee deep in the happenings of our little lives here.

Where is this coming from? Well, recently we found out some friends of ours who are FABULOUS  and CALLED to be missionaries are heading out to their field. Two families going to two different continents. One has already left and another will be leaving in the fall. When I think of them I can imagine all the excitement, nervousness and unknowns they are feeling. I get excited for their families and all the possibilities that are in front of them. But I also feel a twang of sadness. I can’t help but wish and pray we were in Poland.

Not trying to compare our different circumstances, but allowing myself to reflect on where we are and why. Talking about and giving God my feelings and doing whatever part I can do in the equation. Making meetings, emailing, doing courses, etc. The last thing I want to do is get in a circle of sadness, un-motivation and then more sadness.

Today, we are taking each moment as it comes. Taking one meeting as we can schedule and seeing how God wants to touch our lives/plans for the future.

*all pictures our own. And a wonderful story goes with each…

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