Language Study

Looking at learning Polish as a whole, seems like a massive mountain that is impossible. It seems I will always sound silly and unable to make the ‘normal’ sounds Poles make. One example, rolling your tongue. I have no idea how I was jipped while I was being created in my mom’s womb but I did not get the gene that allows me to roll my ‘R’s.

There are times that all I need to do is open my mouth and I’m non verbally saying ‘FOREIGNER HERE!’ Which is not incorrect or bad. I am not from Poland and even though I will work my tush off to learn the language, I will always have different American way s of saying/doing something.

I can remember during our last visit to Poland, I was at a convenience store buying chocolates for our friends back home, and the clerk said the total of everything which I understood only numbers. No order to them though. I gave her a larger bill knowing it would cover the purchase. She gave me my bag and I left feeling like living there might not be so hard as I might imagine.

I didn’t go 5 feet out the door without her running after me yelling something in Polish. I followed her back in only to realize I had about 120 zl change waiting for me on the counter! 120! I felt so foolish as the others in line were looking at me like, ‘what?!’ but knew that it was just one of those things that happen.

I smile about it now. It’s really not a horrible story. Just a reminder to keep up the language mountain. And next time, I look forward to not only taking my change from the lady but understanding what she says to me. 🙂

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