Community is life

Community is life

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but thought it fits right into our experience and heart for Poland. The community life painted in the New Testament is the most beautiful example of humanity coming together, serving one another, sharing with one another, honoring one another (though it took some time), and most of all, sharing everything with one another.

Our modern lives focus on individual independence rather than interdependence, even our churches, though well intentioned, get caught up in the self-focused business of improving oneself without community (weather it be our personal walk with Christ, or our personal decision making process). I have seen the power of community come together when Christ is at the center, when we’re motivated to live brightly because others are here among us.

Let’s make our life (small) groups, church gatherings, and friends not be driven or focused on events, rather let’s be family-like community. Jesus himself said leave your father, your mother, your family and follow me. His family is first. This is not a holly huddle from time to time, this is life together, breaking the mold of independence and allowing God to work through His people, you and me.

This interdependence is what brings hope, life, and powerful fellowship. Yet at the same time it takes risk, and it takes a true commitment to honor God’s culture, where differences are celebrated and His love and truth are equal. Where in spite of disagreements, discord, etc. love and relationship carry on with truth never being compromised. Where I can disagree and still be at full peace that I will love and be loved. Where I know and give permission for people to speak their concerns into my life because I know God can and will use them to talk to me. Where I can also say if what others are confronting me with resonates with my spirit or not, and still know with out doubt they are with me. This is when the world looks at us and knows us for our love for one another, keeps us together, and provides a place to cultivate disciples.

For clarity this is not the same as putting ministry work before your children, spouse, or friends and family. What this means is that relationship is always more important than any goals. God honors this, He gives us all choices, we should honor this too and always allow people to make their own decisions and not cut ourselves off unless it puts us in a place of temptation and/or compromise.

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