A dream

Last week I had a dream (in my sleep) that when I received the next account balance it was over $7,000, I’m believing it, and holding on to it.   I rarely remember my dreams, and this was fairly vivid.

Another kind of dream that I have, is that our ministry never be there to support a structure, institution, nor any thing that is about something other than God and His people.  Recently Alexis and I have been reading “Unfamiliar Paths” by  David E. Bjork.  David tells the story of his life, from being called/sent from his denomination to “plant” a church in France.  Essentially he has a epiphany that changes his entire idea of “church”, from realizing that The Church is already there, and that his real mission is to bring the living Christ to people, not the church structure.  Because The Church is living and organic.  So our dream is that we be about relationships first, and that as a forest grows, the Church will grow.

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