REACH Polska…. The next mission…

It has been a few months since we returned from our last mission in Poland in October, 2008. It was a learning experience that we will never forget. From the exhausting flights and layovers to sickness and injury then to miraculous healing and building of new relationships we gained a new desire for the Nation of Poland. Our resolve has never been stronger to see our friends there receive healing in the area of relationships and freedom from bondage and strengthening in their relationship with God.

We learned that there are communications barriers that we need to overcome and while this is true here in the states as well as in other parts of Europe, Poland is where our heart is. The uniqueness of Poland is the population of Bible believing Christians is less than one percent. While the country is 99.99% Catholic, there is still need for truth and healing.

We are looking to head back in late July. Outreach is on our list of things to do, as well as create a video of interviews from the Christian Polish community to find out what it is that they want for their people. What is it that we can bring to them that is tangible that they can take to their families and friends in order to release healing and start a move of Christ that will encompass the city of Krakow.

We have a support and newsletter that will be coming out soon to ask for your support for this next trip. The trip will be 2 weeks in length. We will need prayer and financial support.

You can donate by following the Paypal Link on this page!

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