Summer update!

We have not been very good at updating this blog, there are not really any reasons or excuses just focusing on family life! Please remember November 1st, 2012!  Why? Because that is the day two things are “due” firstly and foremost our new baby daughter is due! Secondly we are believing for that to be the[…]

REACH Polska…. The next mission…

It has been a few months since we returned from our last mission in Poland in October, 2008. It was a learning experience that we will never forget. From the exhausting flights and layovers to sickness and injury then to miraculous healing and building of new relationships we gained a new desire for the Nation[…]

We’re leaving on a jet plane…almost

Well we have made the deposit on our airfare, we need $4,755 more and we’ll have it all paid off!  That’s better than the $8,125 we needed just two weeks ago!  We are so thankful to God.  We need the remaining balance by September 15th… so we are praying, and seeking God’s will, on finding the rest.  If we[…]