A Beautiful Walk

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~A beautiful walk in Duval,WA.  This day was crazy hot and after some super large amounts of ice cream we thought it would be nice to stroll along a popular path. Gorgeous. Breathtaking really. However, about half way Emma started to whine and want to walk herself. So we pushed/ran her stroller to an air conditioned restaurant. Praise the Lord. There, she promptly ate some salsa which was too hot for her and began to not breathe. When she decided to cry screamed so loud- it was really sad to see. She freaked everyone out but thankfully she eventually ate on my lap and with her blanket in her left hand. (which got smothered with re-fried beans)

On the ride home she screamed because we had the nerve to strap her in her car seat. Why would we do that when she CLEARLY did not want to be in the car?! Such horrible parents. She yelled at us for about 1 hr straight as we were going 5 miles per hour when we SHOULD have been at 70.  Yeah, one of those days.

I thought to show you the peaceful part to that day. Enjoy.


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