green party

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today i learned the color green. i won’t show mom because she would freak out and tell everyone and that’s embarrassing. but i know it. 🙂 we had a party to teach us the color. me, sam and rylee. it was fun! there were so many new toys that i didn’t know what to do first.
i ended up playing a lot with the green Hawaiians plastic necklaces. the food was good, but jello is kinda squiggly and weird. pudding is ok with me so far. the avocado’s were really yummy and i even liked the pears!
i like hanging out with my friends. i like them and they like me. enjoy the pictures!

* if you’re wondering what a color party is- it’s a party where mommies try to teach their kids what colors are. we wear the color, eat the color and usually do an activity. it’s a lot of fun for me and mommy even likes it!

these are the Hawaiian plastic necklaces i was talking about



all three of us

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