grandparents house

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ok people i’m back! we went to my grandparents and it was cool! they have a cat and a dig and 2 horses! I loved seeing them! I chased the cat, tigger, around the house. i wanted to see the dog but she was outside in her igloo home. the horses are so big! it was a little scary.
my grandpa played with me. they had lots of daddy’s old toys out and i got to play with them. they were fun. do you remember them?
here are some pictures of me and my adventures
this was a cool lighting up screen. i liked it.

you match the blocks but i just liked to put them in and out of the house

daddy and me eating ice cream

grandpa read to me a lot. 🙂

daddy set many of these up for me to put marbles down the holes.
i liked to chase tigger. he was a weird kitty- he didn’t want to play with me!

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