mommy’s sick

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my mommy is sick. she is trying to rest and i’m stealing the lap top to try and say hi to you. she wants to do a treat today but it might have to wait till tomorrow…or whenever she feels better. i am helping her though. she she is lying on the couch with her eyes shut i come up and snuggle with her and we rest together- even when i’m not tired! i love my mommy. i also can play all by myself so i won’t bother her. she tells me she loves me a lot and snuggles with me.

it’s sunny outside today. maybe daddy and me will do something while mommy rests. i’ll ask him when he gets home. i should take a nap now. love you all and say a quick prayer for my mommy…she’s the best playmate ever and i miss playing with her. 🙂 thanks.

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