Foursquare Church

Trav and I were driving home from a football game today and as we were enjoying the silence I was propelled back in time through this past year. I thought of all the different ways we had great conversations with people in LA, were encouraged by other missionaries, discipled by those who know all about the process it takes to actually get to Poland, and all around loved on. I talked with Trav about this and he agreed that it’s been a wonderful experience with the Foursquare Movement. They really lean heavily on relationships with one another and we can’t say how this has encourged us.  It truely feels like a big group of friends and not some orderderd higharchy. I personally feel so lucky to be apart of and have constant communication with such wonderful people.  Thank you God!

The heart of FMI (Foursquare Missions International)  is to see nationals in each country do church in whatever way it will look like in their country, not little American churches everywhere. But that we can come alongside and support those people who are being raised up.

On top of the Foursquare Building
This picture is on top of the Foursquare Building in Los Angeles. Such a beautiful skyline huh! It was pretty sunny while we were there too. 🙂

PoserI’m such a poser…please excuse me…

Travis with the Foursquare logoTravis with the Foursquare Logo

The sweetest person you will ever meetThe sweetest person you will ever meet. Gene Ulrich, the person who is also in charge of the missionary furlow homes. She does such an amazing job, we felt so comfortable and well taken care of. Thank you Gene, and we so appreciated the drive to the LA Zoo!

Classroom pictureThis is during a class Sonja and John Decker gave in LA. Such an amazing time, and Travis got his back healed in one of their classes too! Thank you Decker’s for the invite to your small group- I promise we will visit before we leave for Europe. 🙂

Johnathan HallOK, this is a weird angle because we were sitting in the front row and this was a secret photo. Kinda weird and knowing me, I’m sure he knew I was taking it- I’m no spy. 😉

I would also like to say a special thank you to Tony, Jeff and Bill. You have all come along side us and have supported us when we felt our lowest.

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