The next trip!

All of us in Krakow OCT 08

We have been fairly low key about some plans which have been brewing for a little while… a trip to Poland in January! It will be from January 11th to the 28th, God has provided essentially all of the funds already, so no fund-raising!  We are excited and at the same time in a lot of prayer, we will be meeting with friends and leaders learning about many of the details it will take for us to make the big move.  We ask for you to intercede with us now, as we know there will be many details and more obstacles which can seem overwhelming.

The goal of this trip is two fold.  First, take as much opportunity to observe ministry, with our friends in Kraków and in Wrocław (we’ll be there too, more on that in a minute).  We’ll be attending every event we can, having coffee with every person we can, and praying a lot.  We need to begin making these appointments now – which can be difficult, so please be praying that people’s schedules allow us to be used by God.

Second, we will be meeting with other Foursquare friends, leaders, and missionaries in Wrocław (about 3 hours west of Kraków).  They are the leaders of The Rock church and we are excited to share with them what God has laid on our hearts, to learn from them, and simply fellowship and glean what God is doing through them.

We covet your prayers and look forward to what God is doing!  If you’re Polish and reading this, let’s schedule some time for coffee!  🙂

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