Make a pledge!

Hey everyone,

Been a while since we wrote about our fundraising progress. So, here we go…. We need your help! We know this is a rough time for many people, including ourselves, so much up in the air, a lot of financial unknowns, etc. So we ask anyone thinking of supporting us to please consider the following…

  1. Please do not “tithe” to us – we believe the tithe is an act of worship, to be given to your local community of believers, the place you call home, the place where you receive support from a loving Christ centered group of people.
  2. Please pray before giving, this might seem like a “duh”, but we just want to make it clear, giving to a ministry is a sacrificial act, something which is akin to the offerings of the old testament.
  3. Please stay connected, follow our progress, and pray for the work God is doing in Poland.  The number one best thing anyone can do for us is be in continued prayer, the battle at the front lines begin with your prayers.

With all of that said… would you (or maybe you know someone who would) consider pledging to support us on a monthly basis?  Maybe you can’t start right now, but you know you can at some point in the future?  Visit our donation page and sign up!  This will help us to track our monthly budget needs, and help us see our fund raising progress.  When we reach 120% of our budget in pledges, then we’ll be released!

Thank you and God bless!

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