Confused by Portland/Poland?

We’re not confused, we know Portland is not Poland… The road to Poland for us has been marked with false starts, heartache, and frustration.  So here’s why we’re still in this, why we will make it there.  God called us.  Maybe he’s calling you to help us with the following: Monthly budget Living expenses: $3,455/month[…]

Fund raising ideas

Fund raising is not a of strong points for us, while we have incredible supporters, we just don’t have the time to put everything into all the details to kick off large fund raising events.  So, we’ve been creating some “grass roots” stir amongst friends, doing some “green light” thinking, and looking at a number[…]

Fund Raising: IT Tech work for Poland.

I (Travis) use to do all kinds of tech work on the side, random things from fixing people’s internet connection issues, removing mal-ware, and simply helping people get more from their computer to putting together small and medium sized business networks and helping them plan for their technology needs.  I stopped doing those things when[…]