Fund Raising: IT Tech work for Poland.

I (Travis) use to do all kinds of tech work on the side, random things from fixing people’s internet connection issues, removing mal-ware, and simply helping people get more from their computer to putting together small and medium sized business networks and helping them plan for their technology needs.  I stopped doing those things when Alexis and I started doing volunteer ministry, and when my full time job made it possible that I didn’t need to do side jobs anymore.

Well, we’re entering another season where the time will be allowing me to to these kinds of side jobs again – but this time not for our own income, rather every penny will go towards the ministry in Poland.  So if you know anyone, individuals, businesses, churches, etc that could use some help with technology, networking, server software/hardware, maintenance, let us know.  I am a professional, and have references on hand if you need.  All we ask is that you pray about how much you want to give, and give it directly to the Poland Long Term missions fund.


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