Quick Cinnamon Rolls

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I’m making these tomorrow with dried tart cherries. Haven’t made them in a while and I’m finding them to be a little familiar and nurturing. I think making food, particular desserts, is comforting. Just not eat them- I’m not a big sweet tooth. Confusing? Honey welcome to my life. When life gets frustrating and I am trying to make sense of things I tend to make sweet treats.

And don’t get me wrong, life right now is crazy, not unbearable- but hard, yes. Nothing that a nice hot cinnamon roll can’t fix. It’s the familiarity of the recipe and the ingredients together that make me remember the world will not stop turning just because things don’t make sense to me or I’m trying to figure out myself in this thing called life. (I’ve always had a flare for the dramatics- or so my friends and family say- but don’t believe them)

Go ahead and make them with me, let me know how you like them. By the way, they don’t taste like typical rolls, but more like biscuits.

Better pictures to come tomorrow. With cherries!

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