Beautiful Poland

NoneWe can’t explain enough, and we won’t be embarrassed when people laugh at how much we talk about you. You are what God has put on our hearts, and you are beautiful. With history, both beautiful and tragic, and people who have endured far more than most westerners could try to imagine.

Poland, you are God ordained for greater things than we can imagine. Greater things are yet to come, and greater things will be done. For God has called you, we know it, we feel it. May your days grow brighter, your people stronger, and your love of God intensify.

We will grow to see the best of you, and we grow to see the worst of you. We will grow to enjoy you, and we will grow to be annoyed by you. We will grow to annoy you, and you will grow to be annoyed by us. In the end, we come not to change, but to inspire, inspire something of God in you, and out of you. We will sacrifice our family, our love, and our life as “Americans” for the sake of God’s kingdom, love, and power flowing through your people.

Today we see the spark, tomorrow we see the explosion. We love you, and we give our lives to God, the God who calls people to places such as you. Because you are beautiful.

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