The good, the bad, and the ugly

Poland is a place of many amazing things, good, bad, and ugly. There’s not a shortage of water or food, nor is there an overwhelming need to help in the orphanages, and it’s not a place struggling with war. But it is a nation of 38 million people, 38 million people who, for the most[…]

Poles distrust entrepreneurs

Poles distrust entrepreneurs Shared by TravisM Seems like a lot of distrust has been built up over the years. The comments on this story say a lot. Almost eighty percent of Poles believe that Polish entrepreneurs are thieves, cheaters and swindlers, shows a survey by PBS DGA. Click here for the original and full post

Church attendance down in Poland

Church attendance down in Poland Shared by TravisM Some numbers which may be interesting to some people. Nothing surprising though from our own observations and conversations with people. Congregations in Poland are falling, says a new report by the Polish Roman Catholic church. Click here for the original and full post