Love for Poland


We have made many intentional decisions for the coming year to focus ourselves on the call ahead. As we focus on learning Polish, studying Polish history and culture, and listening to God’s voice. We are filled with a new kind of love for Poland; this love must be something akin to what God feels all around the world.

We’re not going to Poland to plant American style churches (one may ask why do something that appears so broken anyway, but that’s another story). We are going to Poland to raise up leaders to plant Polish churches. This isn’t an attempt to convert anyone; for we have the same mindset that Jesus does, we come not to help those that already think they are good, rather we come for those that know they are sick and need help.

Just like the American population, the Polish population has a significant percentage which is ready to know more about God and begin a relationship with Jesus. They just need to be shown. At the same time the warfare is intense and the lies of the enemy loud. Please pray for understanding, Gods love, and God’s understanding.

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