We chose community.

Poland January 2010 027.JPG

For us community is important, in fact we try to be intentional with engaging our community. Both our physical community and our church community is very important to us. But we find that all to often it’s “just easier” to be amongst our church friends, yet we state a value is for our surrounding neighbors.

So with our recent move we have began to engage our neighbors more often than before, this is a little easier when a full apartment building of 81 units shares one elevator! Now some people say they would hate this, we love it, it puts us with people who need encouragement, love, and grace everyday! We are no longer stuck in our suburban cave going in and out of our garage. We love walking to get most of our errands done and taking transit at other times (although we still have a car, we use it for longer trips and groceries). This kind of living puts us right in the path of people and allows us to see humanity as God does.

This is just the beginning of being intentionally focused on everything we do. When we get to Poland we’ll need to be even more focused and make a point to live amongst those that we are called to serve.

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