Prayer: the foundation


Cannon Beach, Oregon
There’s something about the ocean that just makes me stand in awe of who He is (I think there’s a song along those lines).

Prayer can be so mysterious and also very tangible. We are strong believers in the power of prayer (and fasting) as we have experienced the amazing and life changing affects. Although the hard thing about prayer is that we humans sometimes attach interesting expectations to it. So when it comes to Poland we are very aware that God can do very different things than what we might think will or should happen.

Poland is a fairly different kind of place, at a glance it doesn’t appear too different, friendly and hospitable people, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, and now Starbucks. Sure there are some rather amazing and beautiful cathedrals, and the outlying areas of most towns and cities have large neighborhoods full of Communist style apartment blocks (although in Poland many of these have been renovated and are well maintained). But as we look deeper, and as we begin to have long meaningful conversations, we learn the rabbit hole goes very deep.

So we are asking for your prayers, below is just a small list of things to pray for.

– for our friends and co-workers in Kraków, Nowy Targ, and in Wrocław.
– for yourself, that God would use you to expand his kingdom, right where you are and beyond!
– for the opening of hearts and minds and protection from liess of the enemy.
– for an unserstanding amongst all believers and non-believers that the Catholics and Protestants can have mutual worship and fellowship.
– for a clear vision and boldness for all workers.
– for us to hear God’s direction and be obedient to it, and at the same time always acceptingand considering the wisdom and advice from those He has put in front of us.

Thanks for partnering with us on the journey. The people of Poland are amazing lovers and with God’s hand they become mighty workers for God’s Kingdom.

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  • Hey Arie,

    Well, all the ones I’ve gotten to know – and I’m sure you know some of them! Are amazing lovers – it’s true! Seeing past the behavior and hurt, Poles, generally care about people in a way that I often don’t see here.

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