Polish food

“No matter where you move to, you better like some of the food. Other wise you’re toast.”

Just some special very wise words I got from a missionary friend. 🙂

But this got me thinking about my, me being Alexis,  first couple trips to Poland. I went to some of the traditional places that basically served meat and potatoes. With tons of bread which I gobbled up.

But if you know me, potatoes are bottom on the starch list for me. But thankfully, as I visited again and again, I was introduced to more variations of authentic Polish food. And I am so thankful I kept going back! Because not only was God moving in my heart- but I ate some amazing food.

OK, so back to where we are now though-Portland, OR. We are so very very VERY lucky to have a good size Polish community here- with a restaurant!!!

I always eat way too much. 🙂

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit and we took them here with some friends of ours. It was great. Lots of smiles, beer, cheese/meat pierogi (hand folded of course), Gołąbki and my favorite: Kiełbasa i Bigos. I’m a sucker for sauerkraut. They have food shipped from Poland or Chicago. We talked with the owner and he’s such a nice man. Just a great place. So yeah- try it. you must.

It’s a tiny little place that also sells Polish foods. Yes! And I’ve been wanting to try starting to make some SIMPLE Polish recipes. It’ll be an experiment for sure but a good one!

They have frozen cheese AND CHERRY pierogi!!!!! Don’t know why I haven’t bought any yet. Oh yeah- I spend all our money on the food we eat! And they also have Trav’s favorite cookies.

So if you are in the area you need to try this place out. And if you are visiting we will be happy to take you there. (any chance to go eat there again!)

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