Polish Preschool

There is a constant tug of war with my attentions and heart when it comes to Poland and living here. Take preschool for Emma. Travis and my hope was to enroll her into preschool IN Poland. Not here. But as our plans changed, so did the details- like Emma’s preschool.

Yet through all the changes our family has had this past year,we have also seen God take care of all the details of our life. For example our wonderful home. It is perfect for us in every way. And every time I walk through the front door I smile. Perfect timing, perfect rent, perfect location.

And now God is showing us how He’s taken care of Emma’s schooling. Yes, we are not in Poland (boo) but there is a Polish preschool here in Portland! Not only do they do the entire schooling in Polish but she will also be able to learn about Polish culture and we will hopefully create some wonderful relationships in the community there.

I am so excited but nervous too. She obviously will be behind language wise but with her friendly and open personality I am sure she will make friends quickly.

I haven’t heard back from them yet so if you could lift a prayer up we would be so grateful.

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